Team Approach

Collegistics developed the team approach as the best method of providing comprehensive, responsive, and supportive guidance to students and families through the college process. Every student works directly with and gets to know the two Collegistics partners who comprise his or her individual advisory team. Teams are chosen to create the best match for each student’s particular needs and circumstances. Meeting and communicating regularly establishes a warm rapport that facilitates the exchange of ideas in a collaborative and comfortable environment. Students and their families receive personal attention at every stage of the process.

Collegistics' team approach is multilayered, offering each client the benefits of the collective resources and expertise of all five partners. Ongoing, behind-the-scene exchanges among all partners allow advisory teams to gather feedback, new perspectives, and strategic input on behalf of each client. At Collegistics, every partner is fully familiar and current with each student's profile, assuring unmatched depth of coverage, backup, and virtual 24/7 accessibility.

Complementing the team approach, the Collegistics Organizational System provides a framework to manage and streamline the many facets of applying to college.