Collegistics provides comprehensive services to students and parents who are embarking on, or in the midst of, the college application process. Our client base includes not only Westchester, but also families from public, parochial, and independent schools in the greater New York metropolitan area, as well as from other parts of the country and world.

From academic and extracurricular planning to standardized testing strategies; from creating individualized college lists to guiding families through college visits and interviews; and from essay brainstorming and development to hands-on application assistance, our scope is broad and varied.

Collegistics is uniquely prepared to address the various strengths and needs of each of its students.

As college advisors, we offer the expertise to help students with applications that highlight special circumstances and talent. Such factors include sports and athletic recruitment, and disciplines such as music and art that require portfolios. While many students desire a broad-based, liberal arts education, some have specific goals and seek programs that offer majors in journalism, hospitality, engineering and business. Still others require direction to find programs that will accommodate their learning styles and differences.

The team approach allows for individualized personal college advising with the greater support of all the college counselors who comprise Collegistics. Our students benefit from guidance provided by professionals who are immersed in every aspect of the college application process.

Collegistics’ extensive knowledge, team approach, and personal concern for each student make our practice exceptionally qualified to handle all of your family’s needs at this critical time.