Client Feedback


"I want to thank you both for putting up with us during the college process. We are thrilled the way it turned out and many thanks and kudos to you both for guiding us through it and helping out with the applications and essays. It was great to have someone to call and reach out to for some sanity. Thank you again. "

Parent, Ethical Culture Fieldston School, (Bronx, NY) 2018

"You kept [our daughter] on task and motivated. Very helpful with essays. Great balance between suggestions and word-smithing assistance particularly when essays needed to be shortened. You helped her to maintain her unique voice. I appreciate that you got to know her and helped her to present the best possible picture of who she is not who you would like her to be. I felt that [our daughter] got to see a broad group of schools but you listened to what she was interested in and helped direct her. "

Parent, Scarsdale High School, (Scarsdale, NY) 2018

"Outstanding help with reading and providing feedback on college essays, setting deadlines and following up to hold my son to the deadlines, since my words did not seem be effective. Your help was phenomenal!!! "

Parent, BASIS Charter School, (Phoenix, AZ) 2017

"I am very proud of all [our daughter] has accomplished. In addition to her hard work, much is due to your guidance and support along the way. I would love for all of us to remain in touch and would appreciate any guidance that you may continue to offer to [our daughter] in the coming years. Thank you so much for all that you have done for her. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate your expertise and patience in the past year. Thank you so much and I look forward to staying in touch!"

Parent, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, (New York, NY) 2017

"We are so appreciative of all your wisdom and dedication to helping [our son]. We know it wasn’t easy towards the end and you stuck it out with us and helped him submit the most beautiful, thoughtful essays for every school that he applied to, regardless of where they were on his list. There were a lot of schools and you remained calm and professional throughout the entire process. You were amazing! We have a few more years until it is [our younger son’s] turn and looking forward to working with you again."

Parent, Scarsdale High School, (Scarsdale, NY) 2017

"Collegistics provided me with magnificent feedback on my essays. This drastically improved the quality and focus of my essays. They also had fabulous insights into the unique qualities of particular schools (which helped me narrow my list of possible colleges to apply to). Most of all, I benefitted from their unparalleled knowledge of what stories and extracurricular activities colleges were most interested in hearing about. "

Student, BASIS Charter School, (Phoenix, AZ) 2017

"Collegistics was the best decision we made during the application process. We both work full time and knowing that the kids were getting their applications done and getting prepped for interviews (neither of which did we know how to do) was a huge load off our minds! We would highly recommend these lovely talented ladies!"

Parent, Scarsdale High School, (Scarsdale, NY) 2016

"My college counselors always kept me ahead of deadlines and important dates; they corrected my essays repeatedly and patiently, giving me valuable advice, and they provided me with support, help and courage all along the way. I am really grateful to you for all you have done along the way. Your encouraging words, warm smiles and sweet voices made me feel that you are not only my college counselors, but also my friends, supporters and families. Choosing you as my college counselors is the smartest decision I have ever made. Thank you for everything. "

Student, United World College, (Montezuma, New Mexico) 2016

"In the past year, you gave our daughter enormous help. You paid attention to every detail, repeatedly corrected her essays, carefully reviewed every application section with her. The thing that impressed us the most is that you kept giving her hope, confidence and courage. We hope she can have these personalities throughout her entire life. "

Parents, Shanghai, China 2016

"Thank you so much for all your expert guidance and for making the entire college search and application experience such a joy. You are a great resource and it's wonderful you help make the future college experience a reality. "

Parent, Fordham Preparatory School, (Bronx, NY) 2016